5 Simple Tips To How To Clean Smelly Drains

Clean Smelly Drains

Do you smell a foul odour when you enter the kitchen? It is most likely due to a smelly drain. Though a common plumbing occurrence, smelly drains have the potential to cause frustration and wreak havoc if not treated. The main cause for such stinking odour is the buildup of food particles, soap, dust, and gunk. Moreover, it is an indication that there is a clog forming in the drain pipe and drain trap. If you ignore it, the clog will become firmer leading to more issues. Now, are you wondering how to clean smelly drains?

Some of the Causes of Smelly Drains

There are numerous causes of smelly drains. Some of them are listed here.

  • Drain flies
  • Sewer gas
  • Food scraps
  • Grease
  • Tree roots

Easy Tips to Get Rid of Nasty-Smelling Drains

Are you thinking about how to clean smelly drains? Well, here is a list of some easy ways that you can get rid of the odour. Keep in mind that regular drain cleaning can prevent the accumulation of gunk, debris, and food particles. That way, there is less chance of dealing with smelly drains.

Boiling Water

One of the easiest ways to get rid of foul odours is to use hot water. For this, all you will need is large volumes of water and a stove. Boil the water and pour it down the drain. However, make sure that there are a few seconds of the interval between each flush. Repeat the process till you there is no foul odour. It is the easiest way to clean smelly drains.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another way to eliminate the nasty smell is to use the two most common kitchen ingredients. These are cheap and are available in local stores. First of all, pour baking soda into the drain. After that, flush in the vinegar.

Make sure that both the components are in equal proportions. Then, wait till you hear the fizzing sound. It is actually the noise that occurs as a result of the neutralization reaction of the baking soda and vinegar. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Then, flush down boiling water to get rid of the lingering grime.

Vinegar and Boiling Water

For this, take a pot full of vinegar and boiling water. Then, pour half of it into the drain. After that, wait for some time. Then, use cold water to rinse the smelly sink. After that, again use the mixture of hot water and vinegar. It is an effective way of how to clean smelly drains.

Baking Soda and Hot Water

In this method, you need to mix baking soda and hot water to create a paste. Then, use an old soft toothbrush and apply the mixture to the parts of the sink that show mould. After that, let it rest for at least ten minutes. Now, scrub it with the toothbrush till there is no mould seen. Then, pour down hot water down the drain. Lastly, take half a cup of hot water and a half cup of baking soda and flush them down the drain.


One of the best ways to clean smelly drains is to use bleach. Like any other disinfectant, bleach has the ability to kill odour-causing bacteria. However, for this, you must exercise caution. In order to reduce the drain smell, you can use bleach. In this process, you must first fill the entire sink with warm water. Then, pour a cup of bleach into it. After that, you must let the bleach drain down the pipe. You can repeat the process till the smell vanishes.

Best Clean Smelly Drains

Having Issues With Smelly Drains? Get Expert Aid Now!

There are various causes that can lead to the development of smelly drains. Fortunately, there are some DIY tips that you can apply before calling in the expert. For that, you must know how to clean smelly drains. However, if the issue persists or escalates, you must get in touch with the blocked drain plumbers quickly. Blocked drains can soon become a nightmare.

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