5 Reasons Why Your Hot Water Cylinder Not Heating

Hot Water Cylinder Not Heating – Winter is here and it’s colder as always. Just like everyone, we are sure that even you don’t like a cold shower. When it comes to early morning showers, people keep shivering as if it’s the most terrifying thing in this world. Although the same sort of people will enjoy a cold shower while camping but not at home. And we don’t even judge them. It’s understood that no one is going to tolerate hardness in life when everything can be nice and comfortable. But the problem arrives when your hot water cylinder stops heating. 

If you have a large family, there are chances that your water heater may not be as effective to provide sufficient hot water for everyone at the same time. Furthermore, your water heater may have some internal problems which need to be diagnosed by a professional mechanic. You can get in touch with Plumbers Botany to get assistance on hot water issues. 

Professional Hot Water System Repair
Professional Hot Water System Repair

5 Reasons Your Hot Water Cylinder Not Heating Properly

To make sure you have a genuine hot water system issue, check these 5 reasons due to which you’re not getting hot water –

  1. Broken and Worn Out Heating Elements –

    One of the most common reasons behind a hot water system not working properly is broken or partially functioning heating elements of the water heater. The insulation in the water heater enables water to remain hot for a longer duration. Once the hot water is used, these insulating coils start warming up the cold water. If your heating coils are broken or worn out, you may not get hot water properly. You need to call the Professional Hot Water System Repair Experts.
  2. Defective Thermostat – Hot Water Cylinder Not Heating

    The role of a thermostat in a water heater is to detect cold water and also monitor the temperature of the water. In a typical hot water system, you may find two thermostats. The first one warms the water first and the later warms the water furthermore. If the water isn’t sufficiently hot, the top thermostat triggers the lower thermostat and the lower thermostat starts heating it further. If either of the thermostats stops working properly, the chances of less hot water multiplies. To check if thermostats are working properly, compare the temperature of already warmed water to the gauge’s temperature. 
  3. A Sneak Leak – Hot Water Cylinder Not Heating

    A smaller or bigger leak can also cause the water heater to not provide warm water effectively. If that’s the case, you don’t have to hire a hot water plumber to repair the leak. You can ask a local plumber to visit your house and check if there’s any leak. If he finds out the leak, get it fixed and re-start enjoying hot showers. To prevent any electric shock, you must turn off your hot water system if there’s any leak.
  4. Electrical Faults –

    The hot water system has a big dependency on electricity. Just like any electric equipment, a mere electric fault can cause malfunctioning of a water heater. Your water heater may not heat at all if there’s damage at the switchboard or the circuit. You can easily figure it out by looking at the switchboard. If there’s no supply of current in the water heater, you may also find nothing on the label reading of the water heater. If that’s the case, it’s time to call a licensed electrician to fix electrical faults. 
  5. The Old Water Heater –

    As the water heater ages, the efficiency of heating up the water decreases. At some point, a water heater stops working just like any other electric equipment. Check the age of your water heater. If it’s more than 10 or 12 years old, it’s high time you should replace your hot water system. 

Hire Professional Plumbers at Reasonable Price

After reading this write up, you must be aware of the reasons due to which your hot water cylinder isn’t working properly. In case of any electrical damage, we recommend you to hire a licensed electrician to fix the heater. If there’s a case of a faulty heater, you must replace it. You can book our experienced and licensed plumbers to install new water heaters at your home. Plumbers Botany provides plumbing services of many kinds at a reasonable price.